Dr. Josep Maria Llovet

Prof. Josep Maria Llovet

Head of the lab


Welcome to the Liver Cancer Translational Research Laboratory. We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to unravel the molecular determinants of liver cancer. Our research pivots on high-throughput genomic data and state-of-the-art disease models. Our final goal is to identify novel prognostic predictors and molecular targets, and to facilitate their implementation into the routine clinical management of patients suffering this disease.



IDIBAPS hosts the meeting of the HEP-CAR european project on hepatocarcinoma and co-morbidities.

On 13 March, IDIBAPS hosted the annual meeting of the European HEP-CAR consortium. The aim of the project is to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and their role in the different co-morbidities that induce the onset of this type of cancer: the infection by hepatitis B and C viruses, alcohol intake or obesity. 

The ‘Handbook of Translational Medicine’ is available now

The ‘Handbook of Translational Medicine’ is available now. Edited by Prof Josep M Llovet in collaboration with other teachers from the official Master in Translational Medicine (University of Barcelona).

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